Please join us for the 3rd annual Light Up the Night for Norah. The event will take place on June 14, 2019 from 7-9:30pm at Peck Community Schools: 222 E Lapeer St Peck, MI.

There will be lots of family fun, with music, snacks, raffles and many ways of lighting up the night for Norah and all the children gone much too soon. We are so thankful for our community’s support of these events! We have raised over $10,000 for the SUDC Foundation over the past 2 years. This year, all proceeds will benefit Peck Community Schools’ new memorial walking path. 

Click the button below to donate and have your name on a luminary at the event. Donations can also be made in person to Karen or Brian Anklam, Stephanie Holman or Danielle Pomaville. 

For questions about this event or if you’d like to donate an item or basket, please text or call Karen at 810-378-5683

Norah Jane Anklam

June 18th, 2015 – July 1st, 2016

Norah Jane Anklam, daughter to Brian and Karen, sister to Logan (5), Luke (4), and twin to Lucy (1).

Norah died suddenly and unexpectedly in the night of June 30th into July 1st.  Norah, and her twin sister Lucy shared a bedroom in separate cribs.  When their father, Brian, went to wake them to start their day on July 1st, he found her obviously deceased in her crib.  This website is our public memorial; to share our story, educate others, and show how we have chosen to honor Norah’s memory.

When a child dies in these types of circumstances, a full investigation is conducted by several different agencies, and multiple physicians and investigators.  The Sanilac County Sheriff, Medical Examiner, Child Protective Services, and others were heavily involved in the weeks and months that followed her death.  After an exhaustive investigation, the cause of her death remains indeterminate, and unless other evidence or sciences are discovered, the investigation is currently closed.  These agencies and many others preformed admirably and we feel gratitude for the individuals who were a part of this process.

The emotional and traumatic toll taken by our family is extensive and extreme.  Part of the purpose for this site is to thank and recognize a few of the numerous people who have supported us and come together in ways we never imagined to be necessary.  It would be impossible for us to list the names of every person who was of assistance to us, not because we are ungrateful or didn’t appreciate your efforts, but because in the time immediately following Norah’s death our minds were shattered and broken.  To you who remain unmentioned, we thank you as well.  We could not do this without the support of our family, friends, and community.

Please take the time to look through the site.  Share in our photos of Norah, and see who she was as a person.  We will never know the girl and woman she was to grow up to be, so we look fondly upon the little girl she was and will forever be to us.  Read about our story and the science and support from the SUDC Foundation.  Look at and go visit the two community memorials we dedicated in her honor, so that she could still be a part of our community in some way.  Sign our guest book and leave a comment if you wish.  Thank you for visiting, and for remembering our daughter, Norah Jane Anklam.